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Welcome to Lukenya Academy


The Lukenya Academy was started in January 1992.  It was a humble beginning.  With only four classes, a mabati boys dorm, a wood building for offices and more teachers than pupils, the primary school begun. The original wood building is still in use and a lot has changed since.

We believe Lukenya Academy is a welcoming place full of learning, laughter and friendship where all children are happy, feel safe and are valued. Our school promotes a love of learning through a creative, challenging curriculum and builds and develops upon individual strengths and talents. We believe that every child is entitled to enjoy their childhood and respects, supports and nurtures everyone within our caring and growing community.

We hope you find the information contained on these pages both informative and enjoyable. We appreciate how important it is for you to choose the right school for your child. We would be very pleased to show you around the school, as words cannot give the full picture of the school, its atmosphere and the work of the pupils and staff.  

We hope you will have time to visit and see for yourself why we have a reputation as a school where pupils are happy, cared for and where there are high standards of work and behaviour.

Our aim is to work together with staff, parents and children to create an excellent school. We have established our mission and values statement and the Lukenya Golden Rule : To work hard and be respectful every day; which is very important and underpins all that we do at Lukenya Academy. We welcome and value your views and those of the children.

Our broad aims for the pupils at Lukenya are to provide high quality educational opportunities in order to increase their knowledge, experiences and understanding. We aim to create a school in which pupils can discover their strengths and talents, love learning and realise their potential. All this within an environment in which pupils feel valued and respected for who they are; regardless of background, creed, race or gender.

We look forward to meeting you and to working with you in partnership for the benefit of your child’s education.


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