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Welcome to Lukenya

Welcome to Lukenya Academy Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten caters for children between the ages of 2 and a half to 6 years.

Our main goal is to provide a nurturing, safe and fun environment that introduces children to an exciting world of learning. In fostering independence, creativity and imagination, children in Lukenya Academy develop a life-long love of learning.

We are committed to establishing a strong academic foundation that opens the doors to continued success and endless opportunities.

With the help of a strong team of qualified teachers, the Lukenya Academy Kindergarten creates a climate and environment that makes learning fun and fosters literacy, through a wide range of listening, speaking, reading and writing experiences.

The Lukenya Academy Kindergarten strives to promote strong character development, respect for differences and the importance of teamwork, through implementation of cooperative learning activities, implemented by classroom teachers.

At the end of each year, we share happy-sad moments, as we send our kindergarten graduates and leavers to the next stage of life. Day in day out, our teachers get to know each child individually and naturally develop a bond. The children trust their teachers so very much, that even parents often try to get to their children through the teachers. Pupils see their teachers as infallible, their authentic and valid authority outside the home.


The Lukenya Academy Kindergarten is among the best Early Childhood institutions in Kenya. You are more than welcome to pop in and visit, whether it’s for an hour, a day or to one of our many events. We look forward to seeing you.


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