Virtual Learning

These are unique and challenging times for all of us. With the added pressures due to COVID-19 restrictions, getting our students the information and teaching they need may seem daunting.

Although it has been an enormous challenge to lead the Lukenya Schools through recent weeks, it has also been a valuable reminder of everything that makes our schools great. Pupils, parents and staff have adapted, worked hard and been creative and resilient as we continue to offer the best education that conditions allow. We are all missing the routines, interactions and opportunities that each normal school day brings, but we are all still united by our common ethos, values and aspirations. As well as academic education, we continue to offer pastoral care and lots of ideas for recreation and fun to keep everyone happy and healthy.

The Lukenya Experience

What is distinctive about the Lukenya experience: our ethos espousing hard work, the personal relationships with their teachers and tutors, the holistic educational provision and the high standards that are expected from us as a leading school. We continue to uphold our “tradition of excellence”.

Student and Teacher Growth

Just like every other area of learning- we seek growth both on the side of the learners and their teachers. This applies to the use of technology to enhance the learning experience and to elevate the profiles of our learners.

Parent Engagement

Our secondary schools being predominantly boarding schools, parent-pupil engagement is obviously less than for those in day schools. It is a documented struggle for parents the world over at this time to keep their children engaged let alone be part of the engagement. We believe with efficient and sufficient strategies in place we can successfully engage parents by providing information, feedback and technical support.

We are committed to setting very high standards for our Virtual Learning Programme and know that the student-teacher interaction is key to student success. For this reason, we encourage all of our students to attend web meetings and to adhere to the course schedule and all due dates. This level of rigour builds a strong work ethic and forges a classroom and school community thereby preparing our students for post- COVID return to school.