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Teachers and ‘Prefects’

Teachers and ‘Prefects’, or the Student Council:

Our school is organised according to a fixed routine agreed upon by the whole community from pupils to teachers.  ‘Prefects’ are predominantly elected student representatives who, while helping with the smooth running of the school, also represent pupil needs directly to the head teacher during regular meetings.


While prefects get to wear certain insignia, they have few special privileges and are expected to serve the community that elected them.

Lukenya British Curriculum teachers are a professionally-trained group of graduates, all of whom are TSC registered, and all of whom teach only their specialist areas at IGCSE level.  Most have received additional certification in teaching the system, and all are given full access to a broad and deep range of British Curriculum resources, electronic and paper.

Teachers are not only professionally trained, but they are also highly motivated to help students of all abilities in our mixed ability school.  This is as true of subject teachers as it is of class teachers and others.  Beyond the classroom, we also have staff to cover:

  1. Counselling
  2. Our clinic; we have a fully qualified clinical offer, Dr Samson, who is always on call, and who ensures that serious matters always reach parents/guardians

Student welfare is covered fully by this team and by other staff members, all of whom work to help pupils grow and enjoy the experience of learning at Lukenya.

The third pillar of school, beyond pupils and teachers, is parents/guardians.  Parents have frequent opportunities to visit our school, and should always feel that senior staff can be contacted directly with requests or concerns, which we’re always open to receive.


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