Personal Development

We  believe in the value of entrusting young people with responsibility.  All our students are encouraged to take leadership roles in their classes  and in school. 

Character building is further encouraged through our sports teams and events.   Students in the forms are encouraged to serve as school leaders, where most show great maturity and resourcefulness in carrying out a range of responsibilities to help maintain order and harmony within the school.  These responsibilities give senior pupils much with which to commend themselves as they apply for university places and future employment.

We continue to strengthen our programme of extra-curricular activities and enjoy the benefits of their contribution to the lives of our students and the deeper relationships they create within the school. Football, basketball, swimming, lawn tennis and badminton all continue to flourish. Each year the school presents projects for the annual Science Fair , Music Festivals and the Drama festivals. Continuous participation in the Kenya Scouts, St John Ambulance and The President’s Award Scheme help develop the independence of our students.

All in all, our aim is to support parents in their task of educating their children.  In blending together these aspects, we aim to equip and care for each individual student and recognise their place within the Lukenya fraternity and the wider communities to which they belong.