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Lukenya Academy IGCSE Wins Big

 Recently, the Standard Media Group in conjunction with other prestigious organizations inaugurated what will become an annual competition for ALL private schools in Kenya, 8-4-4 and ‘international’.  This is the ‘GREAT PLACES TO SCHOOL’ competition.  Lukenya IGCSE (our British Curriculum school) was amongst many many schools that entered the prestigious ‘Academics’ section. 
At a recent gala event in Nairobi, we were honoured to receive second place amongst ALL such schools in the republic; this is an AMAZING feat, made possible by our great team of teachers, our pupils and our supportive parents.  This competition was independently judged by a panel of professional educationalists.  Over a full day of inspection and many follow-up days of correspondence with the research team, we stressed our school’s ‘Value Added’ – that is, the manner in which we, as an open-admissions British Curriculum school, assist pupils of all abilities to achieve terminal grades that they’d probably not achieve elsewhere at Kenyan KCSE or IGCSE schools. 
We were able to provide the judges with vast amounts of paper evidence attesting to our school’s new organization in this area of Academics, and our historical success.  We are grateful to the judges for their independent assessment of us, and know that this fantastic achievement will allow us to attack the coming term with real enthusiasm and professionalism. 
WELL DONE to everyone involved, and kudos to the Standard Group and others for instigating this valuable new competition, which seeks to demonstrate that a GREAT PLACE TO SCHOOL is not only one that gets visibly impressive results, but is also a place with a great atmosphere, a good teacher-to-pupil relationship and ratio, a great co-curricular section and a real understanding of the joy and value of education.  ADMISSIONS: pupil admissions are ongoing, and never stop at Lukenya’s British Curriculum school. We have open and easy admissions into Years 8 and 9 – either of these classes are a good time to enter our school, in preparation for the IGCSE years, 10 and 11. We also have a few vacancies in our Year 10.
Just a reminder: Standard 8 leavers enter our Year 9. Pupils transferring from Forms 1 or 2 enter our Year 10. For more information, please contact our admissions officer, Mr Wanyonyi, on 0714674366, or Mr John Kennedy Odor on 0721291813.


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