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National Curriculum


All aspects of the National Curriculum are taught and children participate for approximately one hour per day in English. We focus on the importance aspects of reading, writing and speaking and listening. We place great value on reading; guided reading sessions are taught throughout the week to support the key skills of comprehension and inference. We are proud of our reading resources and we actively encourage children to read frequently at home and at school.


Maths is taught in a variety of different ways and as the children progress through the school, concepts are reinforced and revisited to develop knowledge and secure understanding. Maths lessons are designed to encourage children to explore, develop and understand relationships of number, time, measure, shape and space and the appropriate language of these processes and to use the resulting skills appropriately.


The children at Lukenya Academy are encouraged to find out about their physical and natural environment. In addition, they will learn about the following: The characteristics of living things, Forms of energy sources, Changes in living things and materials,  Significant patterns. Practical experiences are designed to promote curiosity and the need to discover more about scientific elements of our world. Children are taught to become inquisitive and independent learners and, being one of our core subjects, follows the National Curriculum requirements.



We are proud of our resources at Lukenya Academy and believe that technology offers diverse, valuable and unique resources for all of our pupils. Children have access to the computer rooms which are used in the majority of our curriculum and not just as a stand – alone computing session. Computing skills enable children to learn for the purpose of using and applying to many different areas such as word processing, data handling and problem solving.

Physical Education

From their first term at Lukenya Academy, children are actively engaged in physical education both inside and out. All children follow a curriculum which is designed around the needs and skills of individuals and therefore PE lessons cover fitness as well as Games. The fitness sessions focus on body strength and co-ordination but they also have a strong link to team work, communication and cooperation. Games lessons focus on a wide range of subjects, from team games to striking and fielding and athletics events. In addition to the curriculum, we are immensely proud of the extra-curricular provision that we offer children, predominantly in upper primary and we participate in a huge number of activities and events with other schools

Religious Education

We aim to enable our children to understand and gain knowledge of their own, and to understand and respect religion. We aim to develop the children’s attitudes of tolerance and understanding of the beliefs and customs of others, and to develop the children’s knowledge, in order for them to live and work within our diverse society. C.R.E involves the exploration of positive attitudes and personal qualities as well as the spiritual development of children.

Life skills

Life skills  aim  to equip children with the basic skills a child needs growing up. It is taught across the school and is entwined with all aspects of our wider curriculum. The curriculum for life skills  focusses on health issues, the importance of a healthy lifestyle and lifestyle choices. We educate our children on the importance of family life and relationships, social skills, emotions and other issues in terms of social interaction and personal discipline and individual responsibility


The school provides every child with an opportunity of learning French as a language from standard 3 Children learn the basics of greetings, food, family and general communication. We have a wide range of resources to support the delivery of this subject and place great emphasis on the delivery of French through technology to supplement learning and enhance our French provision. In addition to this, the school will organize a trip to West Africa They will visit historical sites such as the slave trade Port museum and memorials and will spend a morning at a local market where they will be required to put in to practice their French skills when buying items!


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  • September 8, 2018 AT 4:13 pm
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Can I get a chance for my son in form three?


  • November 17, 2018 AT 10:39 am
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we are looking for a suitable boarding school for a 14 year old girl, current class 6.
My wife and I are looking after her since she is 4 years old. Both parents are alive and we have their consent.

She is bright but has been held back due to an inadequate schooling situation here in Lamu
She currents attends Shela Kijani Private Primary School.

OPlease let us know the procedures to her inroled and the total costs of school and boarding incl of extra curricula activities


Ulrich Krueger
Manda Island