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pdf0CBC at Lukenya Academy Primary School NEW

This booklet is designed to provide you with information about the CBC academic curriculum at Lukenya Academy. It contains descriptions of the subjects taught and the way the course is assessed.

When children enter Grade 1or any class at Lukenya Academy Junior School, they will be placed in one of the four Houses: Impala, Twiga, Chui and Simba. Each term there are a range of competitive activities that children take part in. This enriches your child’s educational experience and provides opportunities for your child to develop a broad range of skills.

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Lukenya Boys High School Prospectus NEW

The academic curriculum is 8-4-4. The school fosters togetherness amongst teachers and support staff, students and parents, leading to mutual respect and self- discipline. Pastoral care is administered, with the school having a strong emphasis on Christian principles.

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Lukenya Girls High School Prospectus NEW

Lukenya Girls offers the 8-4-4 system of education, which is tailor-made to fit the education needs of our students. The small size classrooms ensure there is focused individual attention to enhance and bring out the potential of each student; to encourage and monitor the personal growth of each student, both mentally and physically.

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Lukenya Academy British Curriculum NEW

The Lukenya Academy develops a feeling of togetherness amongst teachers, support staff, pupils and parents. In this way there is an atmosphere of mutual care, respect and a high degree of self discipline. To do this Lukenya puts a strong emphasis on Christian principles. A great deal of emphasis is also placed on era-curricular activities and pastoral care in order to nurture well rounded enterprising and individual young people.

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Lukenya Schools Brochure NEW

The Lukenya Schools have always provided an outstanding and creative learning environ - ment in all areas. Its continued success in such a diverse range of activities shows that its students are able to achieve any goal, whether it be in academia, sports, music, debating or any other co-curricular activity. Its exceptionally strong parental and community-based network supports the students in their achievements and also helps impart the kind of values that lead to their academic, social and personal development.

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