Lukenya Boys

Lukenya School has been educating boys for the last 20  years. We understand how to build in our students a love of learning and develop intellectual curiosity, to instil the value of teamwork and competition on the sports field and through adventure and to fire imaginations through music, science and drama.

We seek to foster a sense of personal responsibility, service to the community and leadership in every individual. In essence to help him to discover and develop the gifts which are already within him to their full potential. Our ambition is to inspire our boys not only to comprehend the world around them but also to go out to improve it.

Apart academic skills, the school encourages its students to take up the journey towards self- discovery. Through participation in various activities both within and out of school, the Lukenyan is encouraged to discover his inner self, and discover the best in himself from their pool of innate possibilities.

You can have no better friend in life than God. We therefore invest heavily in the spiritual growth of our students.