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We try to make admission straightforward and painless. 

Firstly, ours is an ‘open access’ school, meaning that we no longer have an entrance examination nor minimum entry marks.  Our view as teachers is that a good school – especially a good British Curriculum school – should be able to take pupils of all perceived abilities and help them to pass well at secondary school level in the internationally-recognised IGCSE.  We are consciously mixed ability, and will remain this way.

Although you are warmly welcomed to simply turn up at our school and report to reception during term time, the most convenient way to seek admissions is as follows:


  1. You will then be invited to visit our school to speak directly with the admissions officer at a time convenient to you; during this visit you’ll also be able to take a guided tour of the school and perhaps speak with some of our excellent students


  1. If our school seems to be the place for you (we hope it is), you’ll be handed an admissions pack that will include: an information sheet; the fees structure (which is very reasonable for a professional, exclusively British system school in Kenya); booklists; uniform lists; a copy of our discipline policy; a confidential details/contact form; finally, if the admission is to be into Year 11, we ask that the existing school completes a ‘previous school form’ – soft copies of documents can also be emailed to you


  1. All we ask that you to provide is completed versions of the forms above and your child’s previous report form and/or results slip, so that we can see where s/he might require extra help

Please note that our British Curriculum school has Years 7-9 (Key Stage 3) and Years 10-11 (Key Stage 4, or IGCSE).  Our academic year begins in January, and we welcome students into all year groups throughout the calendar year, except: we accept no Year 11 entries at all; do not accept entries into Year 10 after the first week of second term.  It is easy for pupils to enter the British Curriculum at any time in Years 7-9 and the start of Year 10; to enter later than this is inadvisable.

Pupils who leave Standard 8 in November fit perfectly into Year 9 in January.  Pupils who might wish to transfer from Standard 7 fit perfectly into Year 8, and so on. 

All new January classes get a few days of induction or orientation into our school when they report.

We look forward to seeing you at Lukenya.


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