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ACADEMICS-Lukenya Academy


Lukenya Academy admits children from Kindergarten, right up to class 8. We have three/four streams, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow  class, with each class having a population of 35 pupils. We have students from all areas of the country, and from beyond our borders as well. Our small classrooms can only accommodate 35 or so pupils per class, but this affords us very personalized attention from teachers, who can give individual attention to their charges. Each class has a teacher and an assistant teacher, to ensure continuity and close monitoring of the pupils class work and discipline. To enhance our academics, we participate in essay and math competitions, and also go on academic trips. Our class 8 has consistently posted very good KCPE results. We have maintained position 1 in the county for many years. This comes from hard work, resilience and dedication by our teachers and students.


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